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Wednesday Oct 03, 2018


Only an hour or two every day.

Now it can serve you all day and night. The wasted space under a bed serves as useful storage for clothing or linen. Unless you’re a dedicated gardener, do you really need hundreds of square meters of garden? Big houses and gardens require almost full-time maintenance, painting, fixing, weatherproofing, weeding, pruning, watering, fertilizing...

The work never stops. But if you plant your tiny house near a forest or beach you have all the recreational space you need with none of the hard work.

When you have time to spare from your busy home maintenance routine, spend a while looking up tiny houses on the internet.

It’s a tempting idea. You may say that more than half of our city’s population already live in tiny houses.

If you doubt this, just take a drive along Baden Powell Drive and look at the endless vista of shacks stretching across the Cape flats.

The difference is that the tiny houses you’ll see on the internet are actually very attractive and inviting. I wouldn’t mind living in one myself.

Maybe if the people living in our city’s shacks were granted title deeds to the land they’ve settled on, they’d find it worth their while to upgrade their modest shanties to attractive tiny houses.

There is not much point in doing that at present when your modest home could be expropriated without compensation at any time. Last Laugh

A steelwork factory received an order from a pharmaceutical company for 12 metal cages, each 2m wide, 3m deep and 2.5m high.

That’s an odd size for a cage, said the factory foreman. What do you need them for?

We are developing some new chemicals and we are going to test them on politicians, said the laboratory manager.
I thought you usually tested your chemicals on rats, said the foreman.
Yes, but these are very dangerous chemicals and you get so fond of rats.


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