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Monday Aug 03, 2020

Durban mulls new 'fire levy' to help fill empty coffers

eThekwini Municipality is contemplating the introduction of a 'fire levy' for property owners as a means of raising extra revenue.

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Promising sales figures 'light at end of the tunnel'

Leading estate agencies say their latest sales figures suggest the light at the end of the tunnel for the residential property market may be closer than anyone thought.

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Privacy act to protect individuals in property market

The Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), which came into effect on 1 July 2020, is very important for the real estate players, and property buyers and sellers alike.

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What happens to tenant when landlord sells?

Landlords in the current distressed market may decide to sell their properties. This raises concerns among both the tenant who is renting the property as well as the future homeowner: what happens to the tenant when the landlord decides to sell the home?

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How to decide between freehold and sectional title

For many buyers, sectional title living offers heightened security, affordability and a more communal way of life. However, sectional title ownership comes with a variety of ownership responsibilities and legalities of which buyers are not always aware.

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'Here's how your agent earns their commission'

On average, for every hour that a real estate agent spends with the homeowner of the property they are selling, they will spend around nine hours out of eyesight working on the seller's behalf. The reason for this is fairly simple - if they don't sell the property, they don't get paid.

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Here's how much you've saved for each interest rate cut

At the current prime lending rate of just 7%, homeowners can end up spending less on their monthly bond instalments than they would in rent.

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Monday Jul 27, 2020

SARB cuts repo rate by another 25 basis points

The rate cut would reduce the prime lending rate to a further historic low of 7 percent.

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Furore over 5G towers at homes

A government policy proposal for the rapid roll-out of 5G technology, including on private property, has raised alarm.

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Virus steers more auctioneering online

Covid-19 has forever changed the traditional live auction model, forcing a "new normal" digital standard on the industry, if it wants to remain profitable and relevant, the SA Institute of Auctioneers has been told.

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