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Tuesday Jan 08, 2013

The 'four biggest' buyer turnoffs

In a market that's still largely geared towards property buyers, it's tough to get them to come to show days or home viewings, and tougher still to hold their interest.

So says Berry Everitt, MD of the Chas Everitt International property group, who advises that sellers should thus do their utmost to avoid the following "instant turnoffs" that will often cause buyers to move on to the next property without a backward glance:

  • Dirty dishes and cluttered kitchen counters. Counters crowded with the blender, coffee-maker, toaster, kettle and slow-cooker may make it appear that the kitchen lacks work and storage space. And the remains of last night's supper congealing on plates in the sink are sure to put buyers off.

  • Pets and their stuff. Nobody wants to see a dirty cat litter box next to the dining table or the dog's chew toys scattered all over the living room, and buyers who are allergic to dogs or cats will probably walk straight back out again. Frankly, when your home is for sale, there should be no sign at all that a pet lives there.

  • Dirty toilet or toilet seat. This is enough to put buyers right off even if they like the rest of your home and have begun to visualize where they would put their own furniture. Buyers really don't want to be reminded that they will be taking over a "used" bathroom, so everything in this room - including counters, mirrors, bath and basins - should be absolutely spotless before you put it on show.

  • Toys and baby supplies. For the most part, buyers will understand that keeping your home tidy when you have children — especially a baby — is difficult. But it's important nevertheless to make an effort. Round up toys into a storage chest or cupboard, clean out any bins with used nappies in them and don't leave any dirty baby bottles lying around. Buyers should never feel that the home isn't clean or sanitary.

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