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Friday Feb 01, 2013

Soweto property gets street light in front of driveway

Who would put a street light right in front of a house's driveway?

According to a family in Klipspruit Extension 2, Soweto, this is exactly what City Power attempted to do at their house.

The hole dug for the street light.

House owner William Zulu said construction workers arrived in their street last week without any warning to the residents that they would be putting up street lights.

He saw that they had marked a spot outside his house - right in the middle of his parking bay.

"If they built there I would have no place to park my car," Zulu said.

He said there were markings for lights to be put up on the houses on either side of his house, and as far as he could see, in the rest of his suburb, every third house had a street light, so he did not understand why a light was being put up outside his house.

"Why would you put lights so close together? It doesn't make sense," said Zulu.

He complained to the workers, asking them not to put a street light in front of his parking spot.

He said City Power officials arrived the next day in six cars and shouted at his wife, telling her she had no choice but to have a street light outside the house.

"My house is too small. There is no space to have a street light," said Zulu. "We don't want one here."

On Monday night, he arrived home from work at 8pm and walked to his gate as usual without noticing that there was a hole directly in front of it.

"I nearly fell into the hole and struggled to get access to my house," said Zulu.

He took photos of the hole and called a supervisor, asking her to fill up the hole. He arrived home the next night to find the hole had been closed and a street light had been installed - not directly in front of his gate, but so close that he couldn't open his gate fully. Every time the family go in and out, the gate bangs against the pole, he said.

No one else in the street has had their street light put up yet.

"I am the only one with the light. I think I am being targeted because I complained," said Zulu.

City Power indicated that the matter would be investigated.

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