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Thursday Feb 09, 2012

Pretoria cut-off notices dumped at roadside

Dumped final demand notices for municipal accounts have been found west of the city. Claremont resident Amelia van der Merwe said she was perturbed when she saw them dumped by the roadside in Malie Street on Monday.

"I found them on the pavement and side of the road; cars were driving over them," she said.

The final notices contain the particulars of residents and body corporates and the amounts they owe the municipality.

The amounts owed range from a couple of thousand rand to more than R250 000.

The notices state that the account holder has 14 days to pay or contact the finance department or the municipality will be obliged to terminate or lower the level of services to their premises.

The notices were dated February 6, yet residents of Andeon, Kosmos and other areas are not aware of this cut-off date.

Van der Merwe said she had not bothered to notify the council because "they will just put me on hold" .

The dumped notices bother Van der Merwe for two reasons.

First, residents are not aware that they are about to be cut off and their details are strewn across the street and second, that the municipality is allowing accounts to reach such large amounts before issuing final notices.

She said one residential account was for R76 000 and one body corporate account was for R258 000.

Van der Merwe feels the council is not being evenhanded in the manner it implements its credit control measures.

"One month I was R1 000 in arrears and they threatened to cut me off, but here are people owing tens of thousands and only now are they getting final notices," she said.

Approached for comment on the matter, the council thanked Metro Watch for bringing the matter to its attention.

"Should it be established that the allegations are valid, appropriate action will be taken to address such misconduct," the council said.

"The city will not hesitate in taking corrective action if such incidents are encountered.

"We view this in a very serious light because it involves people's personal particulars, which are being exposed to strangers who might use such information for illegal activities."

Residents can report any matters related to accounts and billing to the chief financial officer, Andile Dyakala at 012 358 8155.

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