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Monday Sep 10, 2018

Pet-friendly units sought

Interior designer Will Engelbrecht had always wanted a dog, but his single lifestyle in a small apartment in the City Bowl meant caring for a pet would be a challenge.

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Thursday Sep 06, 2018

'Buyers have the final say on home values'

The property market in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg is currently largely being driven by the price that buyers are prepared to pay for a property.

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Monday Sep 03, 2018

The rental market: Buying not on cards for Gen Z

Adults under the age of 25 are opting to stay put under their parents' roof. Latest stats show Generation Z is taking longer than their millennial counterparts to start renting or buying their own property.

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Tuesday Aug 28, 2018

Transfer date and occupation date important when buying or selling

When a home is sold the ideal is for the new owner to move in on the transfer/registration date. However, this is not always possible for a whole variety of reasons.

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How to get out of fines issued by your HOA

Upon checking your mailbox, you're surprised to find a white envelope with the signature of your Body Corporate and your name just below it. Contained therein is bold red typeface notifying you of a R500 fine for exceeding the 35 km/hour speed limit within the estate.

After the wave of panic that follows getting caught red handed has abated, a new sense of unjustified indignation follows: What right do they have to issue fines?

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Monday Aug 27, 2018

Home makeovers, the market and mistakes to avoid

When it comes to home renovations a widely held assumption is that any improvement or alteration to a property immediately adds significant value to the potential selling price.

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Belt tightening leads to rise in renters

It may seem to be a no-brainer to many that if you face a choice between buying a home or renting one, you'd buy. South Africans have a tradition of owning their homes, but there also is a growing number of locals who are renting.

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Homes need layers of security

Security features like burglar bars, alarms, gates and beams are all sold as property must-haves, but how essential are they really? And which brands should one choose?

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'Take time to deal with an emotional sale'

Selling a childhood home is often an emotional experience, but at some point it has to be done.

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Monday Aug 20, 2018

Property co-ownership: The good, the bad and the letter of the law

As with any business transaction, it is important to carefully consider the advantages and potential drawbacks of property co-ownership.

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