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Thursday Mar 26, 2015

'You can sell a home on a busy road'

Neighbourhoods can change dramatically over time, and the suburban street that was so quiet when you bought your home may now be much busier - and noisier - but that doesn't mean that no one will buy the property.

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Wednesday Mar 25, 2015

Free houses make SA lazy - Zuma

President Jacob Zuma has admitted that distribution of free low-cost houses was not sustainable and creating a culture of laziness and dependency.

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Furnishing a property can add 20 percent to the rent

Fully furnishing a rental property may well be worth the expense.

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Tuesday Mar 24, 2015

Property owners face huge price hike if Eskom gets its way

Property owners will be paying 250 percent more for electricity than they did in 2008 if Eskom is granted the 25 percent increase it has asked for.

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Monday Mar 23, 2015

Power price shock

South African households are facing an increase of up to 22.2 percent in their monthly electricity bills from July 1.

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Friday Mar 20, 2015

Little new demand for residential property - FNB

There is little new demand for houses in South Africa and the volume of bonded residential property transactions averaged 11 344 a month last year compared with about 24 000 a month between 2005 and 2007 during the twin peaks of the last property boom.

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Thursday Mar 19, 2015

Disasters can strike during home renovations

When undertaking home renovations property owners should take care to employ properly qualified work teams.

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Wednesday Mar 18, 2015

Tenant rights challenges

Lease contracts are deemed to be "untouchable" with the courts reluctant to interfere with terms in spite of the fact that a party may seek to have a particular clause or term declared "unfair", or in bad faith.

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Monday Mar 16, 2015

Victim of electricity rip-off warns tenants to be on their guard

A determined Balfour Lekgwathi took on his landlord for overcharging him for electricity and won in a practice now described as "widespread" among electricity resellers.

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Sectional title property owners and generators

With strained power utility Eskom warning South Africans to expect load shedding for the next two years at least, many home owners and businesses are hurriedly buying generators.

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