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Monday Nov 23, 2015

It's hail and high water for insurers

It has been "hail and high water" for insurance companies processing claims for hail and water damage to cars and homes after two days of extreme rainfall this week.

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Thursday Nov 19, 2015

'Public spaces a benefit of gated communities'

Quality public spaces 'show that people care' and this has a profound effect on property values.

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Wednesday Nov 18, 2015

Sectional Title participation quotas explained

Every section within a sectional title scheme has a participation quota (PQ) allocated to it - and this is not just an irrelevant number on the sectional title plan.

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Tuesday Nov 17, 2015

Golf estates face drought tariffs

The Gauteng government has come out with a six-point plan to tackle the water crisis, and they are coming for anyone and any system that wastes water.

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Monday Nov 16, 2015

Angry son to challenge court's 'voetstoots' ruling

A Joburg man is preparing to challenge a Western Cape High Court ruling on behalf of his sick mother, who was held liable for failing to disclose information about house defects to a couple who bought the property from her.

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Rainwater is free - don't let it go to waste

Professor Kader Asmal's colleagues warned him it would destroy his plants. But instead, his grass and shrubs flourished as he used his family's bath and shower water to irrigate his garden.

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Tuesday Nov 10, 2015

Housing allowance dispute set to cause strife

Another labour dispute has been declared in the public service - this time because the government has failed to make good on its commitment to increase housing allowances.

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Friday Nov 06, 2015

Former township property price growth slows

House price growth in the areas previously classified as black townships has slowed but is still much higher than in the former white suburban areas.

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Monday Nov 02, 2015

Water-saving for sectional-title schemes

Summer is on its way, and increased water tariffs, water shedding and looming water restrictions are all reminders of the scarcity of this resource in South Africa and the need to use it wisely.

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Thursday Oct 29, 2015

The importance of rental deposits for landlords and tenants

Landlords often ask for one and a half, two or more months rental to be paid as a deposit upfront before tenants take occupation.

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