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Monday Aug 03, 2015

Incorrect building plans may hold up property transfer

Buying property is exciting, but it can be a stressful experience if there is an issue with building plans during the transfer process of the transaction.

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Interest rate hike puts the pressure on overburdened consumers

Following the Reserve Bank's hawkish communication warning of future rate hikes it announced at the third Monetary Policy Committee meeting of 2015 that the interest rate would increase by a further 25 basis points. This brings the repo rate to 6 percent and the prime lending rate to 9.5 percent.

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Friday Jul 31, 2015

Dog owners must be clear on sectional title rules

If there was ever a dog that could win a case on looks alone, Theodore was that dog. Only a fine canine would motivate a high court judge to open his judgment by remarking on the "rather striking Saint Bernard".

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Sectional title : who is responsible for maintaining what?

An issue almost guaranteed to cause dissension among sectional title property owners is the question of who is responsible for the maintenance of the three different types of property in a sectional - title scheme - sections, common property and exclusive use areas.

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Thursday Jul 30, 2015

Land bill comes under fire

It didn't take long before questions emerged on whether the Expropriation Bill was a tool for government to acquire land for infrastructure development - or used for land reform and restitution.

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Ongoing debate on sectional title levy charges

There is an ongoing debate in the sectional title industry whether levy contributions should be worked out upfront, i.e. a set cost, or whether it should be the participation quota method, which is according to the floor space of the unit inhabited.

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Recent amendments to the Sectional Titles Regulations

Recent amendments to the Sectional Titles Regulations, published in June in the Government Gazette, sees the return of the power of trustees to increase levies before the AGM by up to 10 percent.

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Wednesday Jul 29, 2015

Landlord need not be a property's owner

A tenant is not required to establish the landlord's right (title) to enter into a lease contract and cannot refuse to pay rental or vacate the dwelling when it is discovered that the landlord did not have permission to let.

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Tuesday Jul 28, 2015

'Property valuations must be accurate if a fair deal is to be achieved'

Property sellers should ask their agents to explain and justify how they arrive at the valuations they submit, and provide adequate back-up data.

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Monday Jul 27, 2015

Upper income property 'weakest link'

A noticeable feature of recent FNB Estate Agent Surveys by segment in recent quarters has been a decline in the percentage of sellers believed to be selling to upgrade to better homes.

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