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Thursday Mar 03, 2016

State land plans 'set to fail'

Ambitious plans by the government to acquire 1.14 million hectares of land and create 1 107 productive and profitable farms is a "political agenda" that will amount to naught.

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Thursday Jul 30, 2015

'Farmer must get market value for land'

The amount of compensation farmers are paid for land expropriated by the state should be as close to the market value of their properties as possible, Agri SA argued yesterday.

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Friday Jun 05, 2015

Land limits 'will kill growth'

Capping land ownership to 12 000ha a farmer would stunt investment and jobs, restrict and reduce growth in the sector, go against global trends and ultimately ignore the real issue of creating successful farmers.

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Friday May 15, 2015

Land limit proposal surprises farmers

The proposal by Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti to limit land ownership by large-scale farmers has caught them by surprise, the African Farmers Association of SA said yesterday.

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Monday May 11, 2015

Nkwinti: plan for ceiling on farm sizes

The government's target of 30 percent of white-owned farmland to be redistributed by last year was never its final goal and he would pursue "redistribution forever if needs be", Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti said yesterday.

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Tuesday Apr 07, 2015

Lack of title deeds hinders shifting maize belt

A lack of title deeds in the Eastern Cape was hindering a plan to move the maize belt west as coal mines took over some of the best land for crops, South Africa's biggest grain lobby said last week.

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Wednesday Mar 25, 2015

Grain farmers want land plan cap scrapped

The proposal to cap the amount of land deeds an individual might hold would affect food production and the government should consider alternative ways to remedy racial inequality in ownership, the biggest grains lobby said.

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Monday Mar 23, 2015

Farmers share ideas on land reform

The government has spent 40 percent of the total value of commercial agriculture land in the country on land redistribution exercises that have failed.

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Thursday Mar 05, 2015

Farm size limit a 'negotiating tactic'

A proposal by the government to limit farm size to 12 000 hectares is a "negotiating tactic" as it tries to press ahead with the redistribution of land to black farmers, the Minister of Agriculture said.

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Friday Feb 20, 2015

'Limiting farm sizes will only do harm'

The ceiling of land ownership proposed by the president during the State of the Nation address last week is being questioned by industry experts, who feel it will do more harm than good to land reform.

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