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1. Why Advertise on Property360? is the largest property site in South Africa... by far
We have the one asset that is most important to house hunters - the widest selection of properties from which to choose their dream home. As a result of this and despite having only being launched in 2010, our audience already numbers in the hundreds of thousands every month and is growing quickly.
Large and 'Bottomless' Marketing Footprint
No matter how fantastic a website is, it will not attract visitors unless they get to hear about it.
Property360 has the backing of Independent newspapers to help us get our message out. In our launch month alone we placed adverts across Independent's newspapers and websites to the value of R2,000,000. Even more important is the fact that marketing is 'bottomless' - we can keep advertising extensively across those media for as long as we need to. This is particularly important in the real estate industry due to customer "churn" i.e. the individuals making up the target audience are constantly changing.
Highly Targeted Audience
If your target audience is house hunters, then SNAP, so is ours! Visitors come to Property360 to look for property and as a result well over 90% of the pages viewed on Property360 are property-search-related (i.e. not news or other content).

2. What Type of Adverts are Available?
Property360 offers a wide variety of banner advertising options. Banner adverts can be simple images, animated images or even iFrames. There are two types of banner advertising options - Sponsorships and Per Impression (CPM) packages.
Sponsorships occupy a given ad slot/position across several pages and the price is fixed regardless of the number of impressions. Sponsorship ads are displayed to the visitor every 4th time he/she views one of the pages containing the sponsorship and there is no cap with respect to the amount of times the ad is displayed. We do however commit to a minimum number of impressions the advertiser can expect. Sponsorships benefit from a very large amount of page impressions and offer the best value because they also occupy large and well-located positions.
A key feature of the sponsorship products is targeting. Advertising to audiences can be split geographically (by province) or by deal type (i.e. visitors looking to rent or to buy).
Whilst the sponsorship packages can be run nationwide, they are usually split up by province. For example if you only want to target Gauteng home buyers, your advert would only appear to visitors searching For Sale listings in Gauteng. You can take combinations of provinces as well e.g. for a coastal targeting.
The benefit of this targeting is that 1. Your ad only appears to the audience you can sell/service and 2. You don't have to pay for ad impressions displayed to visitors outside of that audience
CPM or Per Impression Adverts
CPM adverts would be used for either small budget campaigns or in the instance where detailed targeting is required. Targeting could refer to the audience, the number of times an advert is displayed to a user or a specific ad position on the site (e.g. home page only).

3. What Are the Ad Sizes and Positions?
There are 4 pages that generate the bulk of our traffic - the Home, Search Results, Browse and Property Details Pages.



4. How can I Find Out More or Get a Quote?
Please call Leigh Auret on 074 991 3373 or email her Alternatively email


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